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Explore our dynamic partnership with Elkjøp in A/B test workflow development. Watch our case video to witness how we drive growth through innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Developing advanced A/B-tests
  • Building up a CRO-team
  • Measuring correct metrics
  • Continues testing and improving
  • Learning by doing

A Collaborative Journey with Türnpuu & Elkjøp / Elgiganten / Gigantti in A/B Test Workflow Development

In the fast-paced world of digital commerce, mastering A/B testing is crucial for sustained growth. Our partnership with Elkjøp demonstrates the strength of working together to refine this process, from the initial idea to actual implementation. Here’s how we've collaborated to develop a strong A/B test workflow and promote a culture of ongoing improvement:

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Crafting Advanced A/B Tests:

Our collaboration with Elkjøp isn’t just about tweaking small elements, it's about crafting sophisticated A/B tests tailored to their unique audience. By combining research, brainstorming, and cutting-edge tools, we develop experiments that push boundaries and generate meaningful insights.

Building a CRO Team:

Success in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) isn't just about executing tests, it's about nurturing a skilled team. Together, we've built a diverse team, combining analytical skills with creative thinking. Through workshops and mentorship, we empower individuals to drive experimentation and innovation.

Measuring the Right Metrics:

In the sea of data, clarity is key. We work closely with Elkjøp to define and track metrics that align with their goals and user behavior. This ensures that our tests provide actionable insights, guiding informed decision-making.

Embracing Continuous Improvement:

The journey towards optimization is ongoing. With Elkjøp, we embrace a mindset of continuous testing and refinement. Each iteration brings us closer to understanding user preferences and behaviors, enabling us to stay ahead of trends and drive sustainable growth.

Learning Through Experience:

Theory only takes us so far, true mastery comes from hands-on experience. Together with Elkjøp, we celebrate successes and learn from failures, fueling a culture of curiosity and strength. Through this iterative process, we uncover hidden opportunities and pave the way for lasting success.

In essence, our collaboration with Elkjøp in A/B test workflow development is more than just a partnership, it's a shared commitment to excellence. By harnessing our expertise and collective drive, we continue to push boundaries and unlock new possibilities in digital optimization. Together, we redefine success, one test at a time.

Julia Paulsen Profile

Türnpuu has been a game-changer for Elkjøp in personalization and A/B testing. They're more than vendors, they're an extension of our team, driving real, measurable impact. Together, we're not just walking the tech talk, we're sprinting it 

Julia Paulsen
Director of E-commerce, Elkjøp

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